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Hello and welcome to Wisdom Coaching, which is short-hand for ‘Wisdom-based Life Coaching’.  It’s a tremendous pleasure to have you here…  …let’s get going!

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You can also click on this link below for the website for my home study life course, Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success.

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And you can click here, below, for my e-book, The Wisdom Diet…

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 Together with David Heard, he and I also have a Strength for Life website, which is also hosted here at Whole Life Whole World. This also includes access to sample extracts from our recorded audio products…

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The Body Wisdom Campaign, which I have started to help with the national and global health crisis by encouraging people to listen to their bodies, after learning of the importance of the practice from David, is at BodyWisdomCampaign.org, or at the link below;

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And I am also developing a series of Life Practice support websites with Gary Hawke of the London Integral Life Practice Group, and the first three of those are ready, which you can see here;

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Best wishes,

James Blacker
Founder of Whole life Whole World

Attachment and Conditional Love Go Hand in Hand

Attachment and Conditional Love Go Hand in Hand

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Witnessing and Emotional Mastery


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