Natural Feel-Good Factors Part 4 of 10: Sunlight

Make the most of it

First of all, the human body uses sunlight to manufacture Vitamin D, a vitamin that helps calcium be absorbed into our bodies. This vitamin is also important for the immune system.

According to Richard Hobday, author of ‘The Healing Sun’, and someone who has presented this subject at the London Science Museum, deficiency in Vitamin D from sunlight can have a relevance on a multitude of illnesses and diseases ranging from tuberculosis to tooth decay.

Dr Hobday explains; “Vitamin D taken orally can be toxic at high levels but it is impossible to get a toxic dose from the sun which is the natural source. In the UK a normal diet provides only a quarter of our minimum daily requirement, the rest comes from exposure to the sun during the spring and summer months.”

Low FACT Diet: “Sunlit hospital wards have less bacteria in them than dark wards and they provide a better environment for clinically depressed patients, heart attack victims and premature babies.”

Find ways to make sure that when the sun comes, you get to enjoy at least part of it. Of course, you’ll require protection. To find out how to sunbathe safely all year round, get yourself a copy of ‘The Healing Sun’.

Low FACT Diet: The proportion of fat in your diet, and its mineral and vitamin content affects the way your skin responds to sunlight.

Best wishes ’til next time.

James Blacker

James Blacker is the Founder of Whole Life Whole World and author of the home study life course Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success, available from the Whole Life/Papillon Store.

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