Natural Feel-Good Factors Part 5 of 10: Plants

Surround yourself with nature

Water your plants. Haven’t got any plants? Then now’s a good time to get some – for your home, and for the office too.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise the importance of plants in maintaining a healthy atmosphere in your home and place of work.

Life, oxygen, water and nature are the main themes of this book, and indeed the main themes of outstanding health, so it’s appropriate that we consider the role of plants in our environments for supporting our health.

As Sarah Shurety, author of ‘Feng Shui For Your Home’ puts it;

“Today we live in such an artificial environment, with synthetic wall and floor coverings, lots of electrical activity, surrounded by a concrete jungle and non-sop traffic, so plants are invaluable…”

“If a plant cannot live in a room, then nor can a person. If your plants keep dying, it is an indication that you are not looking after your health properly.”

And if you sit in front of a computer screen for any length of time then get a plant for either side of the computer as they absorb electrical pollution.

Low FACT Diet: NASA Space Research identified air pollution problems inside sealed space habitats. Their research showed that ordinary houseplants had amazing air purification capabilities. Spider plants, for example, removed 96% of Carbonmonoxide (the toxic exhaust gas).

Best wishes ’til next time.

James Blacker

James Blacker is the Founder of Whole Life Whole World and author of the home study life course Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success, available from the Whole Life/Papillon Store.

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