Natural Feel-Good Factors Part 6 of 10: Clutter

Clear your house, clear your mind

“Clearing clutter releases huge amounts of positive energy.”

Look around your room. What kind of a state is it in? Untidy? Disorganised? Chaotic? Tiring? This is also the state of your mind.

Clutter drains our energy, so start to day by getting rid of the things that you neither like the look of, nor have a realistic use for. The universal law states that when you consent to a loss, you make again.

“It’s a funny thing, but if you are one of those people who cannot let anything go because ‘it might be useful one day’, then you are sending out a message that you do not trust the world to supply everything you need. Instead of becoming more secure, the opposite starts to happen and you become more insecure.” – Sarah Shurety, author of ‘Feng Shui For The Home’

Clear out a cupboard, a room, a space, your wardrobe, your car, anything. And while you’re doing this, notice the affect it has on you, and in particular your mood and your energy. If you do this, the health benefits you receive will be considerable. And if you start to become aware of how you build up clutter in the first place, you can learn the disciplines required to have a permanently orderly lifestyle – and more calmness and peace of mind, with more energy and activity flowing through your life.

“Clutter creates stagnation and makes everything grind to a halt, it makes you feel depressed, tired and stuck.”

Best wishes ’til next time.

James Blacker

James Blacker is the Founder of Whole Life Whole World and author of the home study life course Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success, available from the Whole Life/Papillon Store.

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