Coaching Yourself: Basic Principles of Life Coaching

You can actually benefit from the principles of life coaching at any time, not just by being in a formal session with a coach.  By being mindful of the basic principles involved you are actually coaching yourself whenever you consciously and intentionally talk to yourself in a positive way, or focus on something you want to achieve.

So isn’t that a wonderful opportunity to be developing and improving yourself and your mind all the time?  Isn’t it the best way to weed negative thoughts out of your mind all the time – whenever they show themselves to you?

Self-coaching is something I do all the time.  I am always thinking about the content of my mind, listening to my body, and learning from the environment around me – and my reaction, or response, to it.

And so this is a tremendous boon to driving oneself forwards, upwards, and also inwards, to make sure the goals being pursued and achieved are serving the heart’s real desires, for as they say in the industry, “Success without fulfillment is nothing.”

In this section of links I’m going to list the basic principles of either coaching or self-coaching that I apply and follow.

Thereafter, I’m then going to list some of the even more enlightened concepts of Wisdom Coaching, so as to provide a .  If used, these do not replace

The first principle of basic coaching is to Be Proactive, as everthing else follows on from a desire to actually change things, and the realisation that one can actually make a difference in one’s life by Being Proactive.

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