Body Wisdom Campaign

We believe that we can touch millions of lives by inspiring a new culture of listening to the body.

We believe that we can touch millions of lives by inspiring a new culture of listening to the body.

Folowing on naturally from The Wisdom Diet philosophy, the second element of The Wisdom Trilogy is that of Body Wisdom; the act of listening to the body, and it is this which led to the development of The Body Wisdom Campaign, of which James is the Founder.

As an invaluable tool in the work to help people to understand how to achieve and maintain good health, the material, teachings and articles of The Body Wisdom Campaign is freely available through the dedicted site at, which can also be reached directly by going to

“What I try to do is to get people to listen to their body; to get them to hear what’s going on; and respond to that.” – David Heard

Listening to the body has a purely positive impact upon any other health activities that individuals may be involved in. But more importantly, it is the breakthrough that allows people to take the next step from being constrained to following regimented, formulaic procedures for health and physical vitality, to actually being able to observe what is going on within themselves and thereby responding to that, to make a difference for the better.

“The 1-2-3 of Health is a very simple and very important way to understand what it is that actually gives us good health, and how we can achieve it.” – James Blacker

Further to this, James devised The 1-2-3 of Health, to identify the solution to the common block to applying this Body Wisdom, which comes in the form of learning to tell the difference between the needs of the mind and the needs of the body – and then developing the ability, through practice, to actually tame the mind and have control and mastery over it.

“The needs of the mind are not the needs of the body. If the need for food is in the mind, if the need for sex is in the mind, you cannot satisfy the need.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

We believe that we can touch millions of lives by inspiring a new culture of listening to the body, and invite you to both embrace the wisdom yourself; and support and encourage the development of the culture for others. In fact, it is nothing new; many people have been aware of the practice for many years – it’s simply that so far they make up a relatively small percentage of the world’s population.

Listening to the Body

We all honour our body’s needs, at least to some degree, otherwise we would all die of thirst, for starters! Generally, though, the wiser culture of listening and inner knowing is in its infancy.

What we wish to do with Body Wisdom then, is to heighten the quality of awareness to more effective levels, and expand this through a broader range of bodily areas.

Let’s say we are ambitious and enthusiastic enough to go straight for a fully comprehensive approach to listening to the body, and to the self. We may wish to develop awareness, for example, in the following various, clear and distinct areas of listening to and responding to;

  1. The heart as a muscle.
  2. The other muscles – individually one by one, and collectively as a whole.
  3. Energy and fitness levels.
  4. The lungs, kidneys and other organs.
  5. Breathing, pulse rate, and calmness levels.
  6. Hunger, thirst and digestion.
  7. The quality of our sleep and wakefulness.
  8. Structure and posture: bones, joints and movement.
  9. The tone of our skin, it’s lustre, taughtness, texture.
  10. Mental activity and it’s balance.
  11. Enthusiasm and emotional activity.

We may wish to re-frame this in a more friendly and appealing way, particularly for the beginner, in terms of being ‘true to self’. In this we recognise and honour all of the natural exuberances, potential and desires we have. For example:

  • To maximise and embrace our potential for heart health.
  • To maximise and embrace our potential for flexibility.
  • To maximise and embrace our potential for fitness.
  • To maximise and embrace our potential for relaxation and inner calm.

And to maximise comfort within our own body, in terms of:

  • Having relaxed, healthy, strong, comfortable muscles.
  • Feeling well fuelled and having a comfortable stomach and digestion.
  • Feeling strong and comfortable with regard to our bones, joints and posture.

Of course, these are ways to develop specific awareness, as part of the overall aim of listening to EVERYTHING that we are doing and that is going on.

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