The Wisdom Diet

The Wisdom Diet by James Blacker

Format: Screen Presentation with PDF E-Book Version Included

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The Wisdom Diet is a short screen presentation which also comes with an e-book in PDF format. Its ten chapters, plus an appendix on beliefs, present the concepts which turns the negative, unsupportive diet thinking on its head and provides an approach to diet and weight management that is user-friendly, sustainable, healthy, and that is designed to be effortlessly and seamlessly integrated into one’s life.

Overview of the Chapters

  1. Chapter 1. Defeat into Power, Pain into Pleasure
  2. Chapter 2. Awareness will get you there
  3. Chapter 3. Life happens in the now
  4. Chapter 4. Congruence is the aim of your life
  5. Chapter 5. Introduction to Body Wisdom
  6. Chapter 6. Body Wisdom (cont.); enjoying your food MORE
  7. Chapter 7. Rekindling the passion and joy in life, and in movement
  8. Chapter 8. Knowing how to use emotions brings success
  9. Chapter 9. Being true to yourself is impossible to quit!
  10. Chapter 10. Putting it all together

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